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Embark on a journey to clear skin with our Acne Treatments, tailored to combat both the symptoms and underlying causes of acne. From topical treatments to advanced light therapy, each option is selected during a personalized consultation to match your skin’s specific needs.

AREAS Face, Back, Chest
COST Varies
DURATION Varies by treatment
FREQUENCY As recommended, based on individual skin assessment

Acne affects people of all ages. At Clinique AG, we have solutions. 

We understand how acne can impact your life–not just physically, but emotionally as well. Our compassionate and professional approach is centered on providing effective, personalized treatments that address both the symptoms and the root causes of acne. 

With our expertise, we aim to restore not only the health and clarity of your skin but also your confidence and well-being. Located in Laval, Quebec and serving the greater Montreal area, we invite you to book a consultation and start your journey towards clearer skin.

Our Approach to Acne Management

Acne is a common condition manifesting as different types of blemishes, including blackheads, whiteheads and painful cysts, primarily on the face, neck, chest and back. It’s not just a teenage concern–many adults find themselves grappling with acne, too. Hormonal changes, stress, diet and certain medications are just a few contributors to the development of acne. 

Acne treatments at Clinique AG involve a combination of therapies tailored to treat various types of acne, prevent future breakouts and address the appearance of acne scars. Our approach involves a combination of prescription medications and advanced in-office treatments, ensuring effective results for all skin types.


  • Reduce number and severity of acne breakouts
  • Minimize the appearance of acne scars
  • Fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Improve overall skin texture and tone
  • Prevent future acne

Before & Afters

Following our acne treatments, you’ll notice a gradual but significant improvement in your skin. The treatment area will progressively clear up, showing fewer breakouts and reduced scarring. Optimal results are generally visible after a series of treatments, tailored to your specific skin condition.

Why Clinique AG?

Clinique AG, located in Laval and serving patients from Rosemere, Westmount and the greater Montreal area, stands out for its expert team of estheticians trained in the latest techniques and technologies. We pride ourselves on providing top-tier customer service and ensuring each treatment is safe, effective and tailored to meet your unique needs. Our personalized approach to care ensures that every client feels heard and cared for.

Ideal Candidates for Acne Treatments

Good candidates for our acne and acne scar treatments are teenagers and adults with persistent acne that hasn’t responded to over-the-counter treatments. Our clients are typically facing concerns such as:

  • Hormonal acne
  • Cystic acne
  • Atrophic acne scars
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

However, some of our treatment options are not recommended for individuals with certain skin conditions or sensitivities. If you have taken Accutane in the past 12 months, you must wait before using Aklief.

Your Acne Treatment


By following a few simple steps before and after your appointment, you can reduce the risk of side effects and enjoy the smoothest recovery possible.

Before Treatment

  • Consult a Professional: It’s crucial to get a professional evaluation to understand your acne type and the most effective treatment options.
  • Identify Triggers: Be aware of factors that may worsen your acne, such as certain foods, stress, or cosmetic products, and discuss these with your provider.
  • Skin Care Routine: Prepare to adjust your current skincare routine based on your dermatologist’s recommendations, focusing on gentle, non-comedogenic products.
  • Medication Review: Inform your provider about any medications you’re currently taking, as some can exacerbate acne.

Post Treatment

  • Maintenance Routine: Once your acne clears, continue with a skincare routine tailored to maintain your skin’s health and prevent new breakouts.
  • Regular Check-ups: Schedule follow-up appointments with your provider to adjust your treatment plan as needed and address any new concerns.
  • Lifestyle Adjustments: Incorporate healthy lifestyle habits, including a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and stress management techniques, to support skin health.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with new acne treatment options and skincare products that may benefit your specific skin type.

Our Acne Treatments

We offer a suite of services to address different types and stages of acne. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for this condition, and our diverse range of treatments reflects this belief. Here, we proudly offer a variety of acne solutions, each designed to not only treat the visible symptoms but also address the underlying causes, ensuring long-lasting results and improved skin health.

Professional Skin Consultation

Your acne treatment begins with an in-depth consultation with one of our experts. Here, the focus is all about understanding your unique skin and acne challenges. 

Our skin care specialist will thoroughly assess your skin type, acne severity and any underlying factors contributing to your breakouts. This consultation is not just a conversation; it involves a detailed analysis to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. Think of it as the first essential step in your path to clearer, healthier skin.


For many of our acne patients, we recommend Aklief, a Health Canada-approved topical treatment from Galderma. This prescription retinoid is designed for teenagers and adults struggling with acne.

Aklief works deep within your skin to clear acne and prevent new breakouts. Its active ingredient, trifarotene, slows down overactive skin cells to prevent buildup and clogged pores while also reducing inflammation. Safe for use on the face, chest, shoulders and back, it’s a straightforward at-home treatment that seamlessly integrates into your daily skin care routine.

Energy-based treatments

Potenza RF Microneedling

Potenza RF Microneedling tackles both active acne and acne scars. It combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to stimulate your skin’s natural healing process and encourage the growth of new, healthy skin.

During treatment, tiny needles create controlled micro-injuries to break up scar tissue and hyperpigmentation. At the same time, RF energy penetrates deeper layers of skin to reduce production of sebum–the oil that contributes to pimple formation–while encouraging collagen production to smooth out roughness.

Picosure Laser Treatments

The Picosure laser system fights acne scars with ultra-short bursts of light that break up scar tissue, promoting the growth of new, healthy skin. This advanced technology creates minimal damage to the surrounding tissue, helping you heal faster.

Biostimulators with Cannula

Radiesse, a biostimulating dermal filler,  offers a unique solution for extensive atrophic, or depressed, acne scarring. This injectable treatment uses calcium-based microspheres suspended in a gel carrier to stimulate collagen production in your skin. 

Radiesse injections work beneath your skin’s surface to not only fill in depressed acne scars, but also encourage long-term skin regeneration, with effects remaining visible for up to 3 years. The result is a smoother, more even skin surface and diminished visibility of stubborn acne scars.

What to Expect from Your Acne Treatment

Your acne treatment journey will begin with a thorough skin analysis, followed by a customized treatment plan. You’ll be recommended a skin care routine with specific products to use at home, and we may schedule in-office procedures like RF microneedling to speed up your results.

Acne isn’t cured overnight. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments at regular intervals to monitor your progress and tweak your treatment plan as necessary. Typically, you should start to see improvements in your acne after several weeks, with more dramatic results appearing after a few months. 

Cost of Acne Treatments in Quebec

The cost of acne treatments in Laval, QC, varies based on the type and extent of therapy needed. We offer competitive pricing and will work with you to find a solution within your budget. Contact Clinique AG to discuss your options.

Book Your Acne Treatment Consultation in Laval, QC

Begin your path to clear, healthy skin at Clinique AG, a premier medical spa on Boul. le Corbusier in Laval, QC. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive, effective acne treatment plan. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards rejuvenated, acne-free skin.

At Clinique AG in Laval, Quebec, we offer a range of treatments to enhance your skin’s health and appearance. These medispa treatments focus on anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, complementing your at-home skin care regimen.

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