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Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers


Embrace the transformative touch of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers, designed to volumize and smooth skin with natural finesse. These fillers leverage hyaluronic acid’s hydrating properties for an immediate rejuvenating effect. Begin with a personalized consultation to tailor the treatment to your beauty aspirations, achieving subtle enhancement and a youthful glow.

AREAS Lips, Cheeks, Jawline, Under Eyes, Nasolabial Folds
COST Varies
DURATION 15-60 Minutes
FREQUENCY Typically 6-12 Months, varies by treatment area and metabolism

Unlock the secret to a more youthful, radiant look with hyaluronic acid fillers–your key to diminishing fine lines and restoring lost volume. 

At Clinique AG in Laval, Quebec, we offer fillers from a number of leading brands to meet your unique aesthetic goals. Welcoming clients from the greater Montreal area, we invite you to discover the rejuvenating power of hyaluronic acid fillers. Book your consultation today to start your transformation.

What are Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are a type of dermal filler used to add volume and smoothness to the skin. Made from a naturally occurring substance in the body, these fillers attract and retain moisture, providing immediate results in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and restoring facial volume.


  • Instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore volume to cheeks and lips for a fuller, more youthful look
  • Achieve natural-looking and long-lasting results
  • Minimal downtime and discomfort

Before & Afters

Following treatment, the injection area will immediately appear more voluminous, with a noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles. The full effect of the fillers typically materializes within a few days post-treatment, once any initial swelling diminishes.

Why Clinique AG?

At Clinique AG, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional aesthetic care. Led by Dr. Angelina Guzzo, our team combines decades of experience with the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. We believe in constant innovation, staying ahead of the curve in this fast-paced industry to ensure we only bring the best technologies and techniques to our clients in the greater Montreal area.

Ideal Candidates for Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers are suitable for a wide range of individuals. Most of our clients are men and women aged 30 and older looking to address concerns such as: 

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Loss of volume in the mid- to lower face
  • Thinning lips
  • Volume loss on the backs of the hands

Dermal filler injections can also be used for the temporary augmentation or contouring of multiple areas of the face, including the:

  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Jawline

Although hyaluronic acid fillers have an excellent safety profile, contraindications include known allergies to hyaluronic acid products and any active skin infection or inflammation in the treatment area

Your Hyaluronic Acid Filler Treatment


By following a few simple steps before and after your appointment, you can reduce the risk of side effects and enjoy the smoothest recovery possible.

Before Treatment

  • Consultation: Meet with a qualified practitioner to discuss your aesthetic goals and review your medical history to ensure HA fillers are suitable for you.
  • Avoid Blood Thinners: A week before the procedure, stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and supplements like vitamin E, fish oil, and ginkgo biloba to minimize bruising.
  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water leading up to your appointment, as well-hydrated skin can enhance the filler’s effect.
  • No Alcohol: Refrain from consuming alcohol for 24-48 hours before your appointment to reduce the risk of swelling and bruising.
  • Clean Skin: Arrive at your appointment with clean skin, free of makeup, lotions, or other products.

Post Treatment

  • Expect Swelling and Bruising: It’s common to experience some swelling and bruising at the injection sites, which typically subsides within a few days to a week.
  • Ice Packs: Apply ice packs intermittently for the first 24-48 hours to help reduce swelling. Be gentle to avoid shifting the filler.
  • Avoid Strenuous Activity: Refrain from vigorous exercise for 24-48 hours after the procedure to minimize swelling and bruising.
  • Stay Upright: Try to remain upright for at least 4 hours post-treatment to prevent the filler from migrating.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Stay away from extreme heat (e.g., saunas, steam rooms) or cold for the first few days to ensure optimal filler integration.
  • Follow-up: Schedule a follow-up appointment with your practitioner, if necessary, to assess results and discuss any touch-ups.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers We Offer

Our suite of HA filler products ensures that we have the right match for your aesthetic goals.

Art Filler

Developed by French manufacturer Laboratoires FillMed, Art Filler products contain multiple types of hyaluronic acid and are suited for a range of applications, including correction of fine lines and and medium-to-deep wrinkles, restoring lost volume and lip and cheek augmentation. They’re also long-lasting, with results visible for 12–18 months.

Our Art Filler products:

  • Fine Lines
  • Universal
  • Volume


The Belotero line of fillers from Merz Aesthetics stands out for its seamless integration into the skin, offering a smooth, natural finish. It’s particularly effective for treating fine lines around the mouth and vertical lip lines. Its formulation ensures results that blend subtly with the natural contours of the face. 

Our Belotero products:

  • Balance
  • Intense
  • Volume
  • Lips Shape
  • Lips Contour


From smoothing wrinkles to lip augmentation and cheek enhancement, Restylane offers a tailored approach to facial rejuvenation. Developed by Galderma, these fillers are known for their ability to provide both volume and definition, with results lasting from 6–18 months depending on the specific product used.

Our Restylane products:

  • Classic
  • Eyelight
  • Refyne
  • Defyne
  • Lyft
  • Kysse
  • Skinboosters
  • Silk
  • Volyme


Revanesse is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers celebrated for its smooth consistency, providing natural and youthful results. These products address a variety of concerns, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lip augmentation. Revanesse fillers are known for their long-lasting effects, typically maintaining their appearance for up to 12–18 months.

Our Revanesse products:

  • Shape Plus
  • Contour Plus
  • Ultra Plus
  • Kiss Plus
  • Outline Plus


Developed by Croma, Saypha is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers known for its versatility and adaptability to various facial enhancement needs. Its smooth and cohesive gel allows it to integrate naturally into the skin. This filler line addresses a range of concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to deeper folds, volume loss, lip augmentation and more.

Our Saypha products

  • Saypha Volume 
  • Saypha Volume Plus


Teosyal fillers are unique due to their resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA) network, which adapts to the dynamic movements of the face. These fillers are excellent for treating dynamic facial areas such as the cheeks and around the mouth, adding volume and enhancing the skin’s hydration and texture. Teosyal fillers generally provide results for about 9–12 months.

Our Teosyal products

  • RHA 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Ultra Deep
  • Kiss
  • Global Action
  • Deep Lines 
  • Redensity 1 (performed with the Beauty Booster)
  • Redensity 2

What to Expect from Your Filler Treatment


Your treatment journey at Clinique AG starts with a detailed consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your skin and determine the most suitable type of hyaluronic acid filler for you. This personalized approach ensures that your treatment aligns perfectly with your desired outcome.


Getting filler injections is relatively quick and straightforward. Using a fine needle, the filler is carefully injected into targeted areas of your face. The entire process typically takes less than an hour. We prioritize your comfort throughout, ensuring a pain-free and relaxing experience.


One of the advantages of fillers is the minimal recovery time. You can expect to resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment. Some minor swelling or redness at the injection sites is normal but subsides quickly.


We schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure you’re delighted with the results. These sessions are an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and make any necessary adjustments to maintain your rejuvenated appearance.

Cost of HA Fillers in Quebec

The cost of getting fillers varies based on the specific product used, the amount needed and the individual treatment plan. However, the standard Filler treatment is $600. At Clinique AG in Laval, QC, we think it’s important to provide transparent pricing and personalized treatment plans. Contact us for a detailed consultation and pricing information.

Book Your Hyaluronic Acid Filler Consultation in Laval, QC

Join us at Clinique AG, where your beauty and wellness are our top priority. Located in Laval on Le Corsier Blvd, we offer a bespoke, comfortable experience, tailoring each treatment to your individual needs. Contact us today to book your hyaluronic acid filler consultation and take the first step towards a refreshed, revitalized appearance.

Our aesthetics clinic offers a diverse range of Health Canada-approved treatments that cater to various needs. While some of these services are alternatives to traditional HA fillers, others offer unique benefits in facial rejuvenation.

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